Tales of the Cocktail: Cool stuff happening


With Tales of the Cocktail 2018 about to begin, I figured I’s share what I think are going to be some of the can’t-miss sessions/events/tasting rooms/etc.
Genever: America’s Lost European Spirit
Gin’s Dutch forerunner, genever, will have a huge presence at this year’s Tales, with a number of distillers—including one of my personal faves, Rutte—taking over Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights to showcase this wonderful spirit. I have a feeling genever will soon become a household word in the U.S., thanks to events like this.

Meet the Distillers Happy Hour
More than 40 distillers are going to be there serving up their iconic creations. Why wouldn’t I want to go?

Indie Spirits That Rock
I never miss this one. The Indie Spirits Expo, with events in Chicago, New York and Las Vegas, presents the Tales version of its popular tasting event featuring fine, independent spirits from the U.S. and abroad. Deadwood Bourbon, The Funk Rum, De Borgen Genever, Brenne Single Malt Whisky, FEW Spirits, Mezcales de Leyenda and Edinburgh Gin are just a few of the many highlights this year. Indie Spirits That Rock takes place on Friday, July 20, 3-5 at Hotel Monteleone. 

Super Heroes & Cocktails
Can’t wait for this session, which features super-hero-inspired cocktails. It’s especially timely for me, since I’ve just started writing my fifth book, Drink Like a Geek. The sessions on Friday at 3 pm.

An Argument Against Cocktails
The title was enough to make me carve out space on my calendar for this session at 10 a.m. on Friday. It might seem out of place at something called Tales of the Cocktail, but it’s a necessary topic. The title seems aggressive, but an alternative name might be “In Praise of Neat Spirits.” Sign me up!

Small Is Beautiful: The Power of Nano-Brands
Spirits entrepreneurs Philip Duff (Old Duff Genever), Allison Parc (Brenne whisky) and Gable Erenzo (Gardiner Liquid Mercantile) talk about the virtue of staying small at this Friday session.

Bacardi Speed Social
I did this last year and am very much looking forward to this year’s edition. It’s like speed dating, but instead of moving from table to table and meeting potential soulmates, you’re having brief conversations with Bacardi‘s portfolio brand and national ambassadors.

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