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The Drinkable Globe Podcast Episode 2: Sake in PDX with Kate Koo of Zilla

IMG_5739In episode 2 of The Drinkable Globe Podcast, I chat with Kate Koo, owner of Zilla Sake in Portland, Ore., about why the Rose City is the best place in North America to drink sake. Kate also offers some tips on off-the-beaten-path places to eat and imbibe throughout PDX. It’s the second of my two-part deep dive into Portland’s iconic drinking cultures.

The Drinkable Globe is now a podcast!

I am pleased to present the premier episode of The Drinkable Globe Podcast. Technically, it’s a re-boot, as I did a one-off podcast about three years ago.  Read the rest of this entry

Drinkable Globe Podcast: Interview with Beer Union’s Sarah and Giancarlo Annese

anneses and jeff with book

Jeff Cioletti, Sarah Annese, Giancarlo Annese

At long last, I’m proud to unveil the first in the Drinkable Globe podcast series. Our inaugural guests are Sarah and Giancarlo Annese, founders of Beer Union, a website delivering beer news in NYC.

Sarah and Giancarlo have also written a book, Beer Lover’s New York, a comprehensive guide to great beer in the state.

Still tweaking the format for future editions. The goal is to make the podcasts more conversations than interviews.

My producer tells me I sound a bit pompous and pedantic in this one, so I’ll try to dial that back a bit for future episodes.

NY beers drunk during recording of this podcast

NY beers drunk during recording of this podcast

Find out:

  • The story behind the name Beer Union. Hint: it’s not about Norma Rae.
  • Beer bars in NYC you may not know about
  • New York state breweries worth a visit
  • Which brewery in New York is making a smoked beer that people who don’t think they like rauchbiers might like.
  • Why the Craft Act rocks and why its passing means you should support your local brewery more than ever
  • What makes NYC a unique beer town