Boozy & Newsy: Whip Saw Rye Whiskey

WhipSawThe Splinter Group Spirits, a collaboration between Vintage Wine Estates and the Wilkinson Family, has released a series of whiskeys finished in wine barrels. Among those is Whip Saw Rye Whiskey, with a mash bill of 76 percent rye, 21 percent corn and 3 percent malted barley. The peppery, cola-esque rye character definitely shine through, but there are fruity, cherry-like undertones that I guess I would attribute to the barrels. There’s a slightly reddish tint, but I’m wondering if the power of suggestion is forcing me to see that. It’s from a blend of ryes, the oldest being 7 years old. It’s certainly a nice sip, though I think the wine-barrel finish does more for marketing than it does for the final product in the bottle. The company also offers Slaughter House American Whiskey (85 percent corn, 8 percent wheat, 6 percent rye, 1 percent malted barley) and Straight Edge Bourbon (70 percent corn, 17 percent rye, 13 percent malted barley).

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