Boozy & Newsy: Rosé Piscine

Photo by Schuyler Deming

Full disclosure: I am no fan of rosé. I know it’s “trending,” as they say, but I have very specific wine tastes—and those tastes are decidedly red (I usually don’t go anywhere near whites). Having said that, I enjoyed the hell out of Rosé Piscine, a new brand of rosé designed specifically to serve over ice. Now, that last statement may have caused many of you to punch your screens, but hear me out on this. There’s an old summertime tradition in the South of France to drink rosé “a la piscine” (at the swimming pool) with a few ice cubes for a light, refreshing treat on a hot day. Problem is, as you’d probably already guessed, this practice often waters down a perfectly good wine. So, the makers of Rosé Piscine crafted a wine with higher levels of acidity and residual sugar to pair well with ice. For me, it’s very much a time-and-place scenario.

If there’s not a crisp pilsner or a Kölsch around when I’m outside on a 90-degree day (as was the case on the Fourth of July), I’ll gladly pour myself a couple of glasses of Rosé Piscine. Believe me, few beverages (with alcohol) hit the spot in that kind of weather. So, bring on les glaçons! Rosé Piscine, imported from France, has an ABV of 11 percent and usually retails for around $13.99 for a 750-ml bottle. Santé!


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