Boozy & Newsy: Sierra Norte Mexican whiskey

Caballeros, Inc.’s Douglas French & Barbara Sweetman

Oaxaca is one of the great spirits-producing regions of the world—mezcal is en fuego—but it’s not exactly known for its whiskey heritage. But the folks behind Sierra Norte whiskey—Caballeros, Inc., the company known for Scorpion Mezcal—are hoping to change that, with a series of whiskeys made from different native corn varieties—each exhibiting its own set of unique characteristics. Sierra Norte White Corn Whiskey is faintly smoky and toasty, while Yellow Corn Whiskey showcases a little more spice and a bit more fruity character. But it’s Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey whose burnt-toast-like notes linger on your palate long after you’ve had a sip. Those who question whether whiskey can have “terroir,” really need to try this trio from south of the border. Each retails for $45-$50.

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