Boozy & Newsy: Rum Malecon

IMG_8392The aging game is strong with Rum Malecon, the Panamanian molasses-based spirit brand with 13-, 18- and 20-year-old and other expressions available. The brand reps are quick to point out that their rum is not solera-aged; when the label says “18 years” it means that all of its contents have been in the barrel for that long. The High Proof 13-year-old (50.5 percent ABV) had plenty of butterscotch and dried fruit going on and the, smooth, silky 20-year-old registered pretty high on the viscosity meter, but it was the 18 that really caught my attention with its delicate cherry notes and all-around fruit-forwardness. Don’t try mixing these, they’re definitely sipping rums designed for those kick-back-and-savor-life moments.

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