Boozy & Newsy: Broken Shed Vodka

brokenshedWhen you think vodka, you don’t typically think “New Zealand,” but Broken Shed Distilleries‘ flagship spirit has been gaining international attention, thanks largely to its unconventional base: whey (yes, the liquid by-product of the cheese-making process). Distilled in the South Island town of Wanaka, Broken Shed is very clean-drinking, missing that sometimes-overpowering ethanol hit you get from a neutral spirit when there are no other notes competing with it. There’s even, dare I say, a touch of sweetness in Broken Shed. Twist my arm further and I might just tell you there’s also a slight peppery note. The spirit really shines, however, when you combine it with a bit of orange zest. Broken Shed Vodka, at 40 percent ABV, retails for about $30 per 750-ml bottle.

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