Boozy & Newsy: Gray Whale Gin

Boozy & Newsy showcases new spirits, beer, sake, wine, cider, mead and anything else with an ABV. 

graywhale copyAside from its stunning, Tiffany-box-blue bottle, one of Gray Whale Gin’s big claims to fame is its use of hand-foraged botanicals from the California coast—up and down the namesake sea mammals’ migratory path. Among those is kombu sea kelp, which gives the spirit a bit of umami that’s typically lacking from gin. But it’s subtle enough not to be obnoxious. In fact, Gray Whale is remarkably balanced. If there are any dominant notes to speak of, I’d say those would be citrus and mint. But I use the term “dominant” very loosely. Golden State Distillery’s Gray Whale Gin, with an ABV of 43 percent, retails for $40-$45.

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