Fever-Tree expands with Aromatic Tonic following launch of U.S. HQ

Fever-Tree has become virtually synonymous with the elevated Gin & Tonic and now the the world’s leading producer of premium tonics and mixers, unveils the launch of Aromatic Tonic for the U.S. market. Inspired by a historic recipe used by the British Royal Navy in the 19th century and using angostura bark sourced from South America,…

Boozy & Newsy: Bareksten Gin

If you need any further proof that most of Europe (and the rest of the world for that matter) has gone completely gin mad, look no further than one of Norway’s contributions to the category, Bareksten. The recipe features 26 different botanicals, 19 of which are locally sourced, bringing a bit of Scandinavian terroir to…

Boozy & Newsy: Gray Whale Gin

Boozy & Newsy showcases new spirits, beer, sake, wine, cider, mead and anything else with an ABV.  Aside from its stunning, Tiffany-box-blue bottle, one of Gray Whale Gin’s big claims to fame is its use of hand-foraged botanicals from the California coast—up and down the namesake sea mammals’ migratory path. Among those is kombu sea…

Damrak Gin teams up with Q Drinks on gin & tonic kit

Amsterdam’s Damrak Gin and Brooklyn’s Q Drinks announce today that the brands have collaborated to create a craft gin & tonic kit scheduled to hit retail outlets nationwide this month and which will be available through summer 2018.

Anchor Distilling changes its name to Hotaling & Co.

Last August, Sapporo Holdings Limited acquired Anchor Brewing Company, and although Anchor Distilling was not part of the sale, the company relinquished the rights to the “Anchor” trademark. Anchor Distilling Company has announced its next evolution. As of Jan. 31, 2018, the iconic San Francisco company has taken on a new name: Hotaling & Co….