Distilled Spirits Council rebrands with new logo and website

This just in from The Distilled Spirits Council 

DISCUSlogoThe Distilled Spirits Council today announced the launch of a rebranding initiative, featuring a new logo, website and annual report, as part of an ongoing modernization effort.

 “The distilled spirits sector has achieved both record sales and exports, with eight consecutive years of market share growth,” says Distilled Spirits Council president & CEO Kraig R. Naasz. “To celebrate this achievement, we are introducing a modern branding initiative that reflects consumer enthusiasm for spirits and celebrates the cocktail culture both domestically and around the globe.

 “Our new logo, website and annual report are clean, classic and modern, and feature an iconic image of a stemmed cocktail glass instantly associated with distilled spirits,” Naasz adds.

 The Council’s new website is designed for regulators, policy makers, media and Council members, and includes many lifestyle focused features. The website’s new easy-to-navigate format showcases the Council’s key policy priorities, important economic statistics and a mixture of cocktail recipes and spirits category videos.

The Council’s newly-released annual report showcases its new logo and forward-looking attitude, toasting “Cheers to the future.”

 “As we approach the one-hundred-year anniversary of Prohibition’s repeal, the Distilled Spirits Council is committed to modernizing outdated Blue Laws, improving access to spirits for adult consumers and ensuring our members and their products are positioned for future success. Our rebranding initiative embodies this overall modernization effort,” Naasz concludes.

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