Catskill Distilling showcases whiskey range at Bar Convent Berlin

Catskill Distilling Co. whiskey display

Catskill Distilling Company showcased its American-made whiskey brands last week at the Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) International Bar and Beverage Show at the booth of its E.U. importer, Compagnia dei Caraibi.
Bar Convent Berlin is the leading international trade fair for the bar and beverages industry. Visitors are mainly bar and restaurant managers/owners, bartenders, distributors, beverage and spirit manufacturers and specialist suppliers.  

On the Compagnia dei Caraibi booth Catskill Distilling Company displayed the Catskill Distilling Company Fearless Straight Wheat Whiskey, the one and only Buckwheat, The Most Righteous Bourbon, Catskill Straight Rye Whiskey and Wicked White Whiskey.

“American made whiskey has been experiencing a serious boom in global popularity and especially craft whiskeys are flying off the shelves in Europe,” says Dr. Monte Sachs, co-founder and master distiller of Catskill Distilling Company. “Historically, bourbon has been popular in Europe and our Most Righteous Bourbon and whiskeys have seen a significant uptick in popularity as we continue to grow our export market throughout Europe.”

Catskill Distilling Company was founded in 2010 as an artisan New York farm distillery. It’s located in the cultural epicenter of Sullivan County, Catskills, New York, home of the original 1969 Woodstock festival and current day Bethel Performing Arts Center. Since it opened, the distillery has locally sourced or grown all of the grains, seeds, botanicals, and other ingredients that go into its innovative whiskeys and spirits.



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