Seattle’s Heritage Distilling Co. launches ‘Cask Club Radio show

Seattle’s KIRO Radio 97.3 FM and Heritage Distilling Co., Inc. (HDC) have launched the first weekly radio broadcast show dedicated to the growing craft spirits, cocktail, beer and wine culture.

“Cask Club Radio premiered Saturday Oct. 14 at 3:00 pm on KIRO-FM. It’s also available as a downloadable podcast.

“We are thrilled to partner with the professionals at KIRO Radio to bring this new show, ‘Cask Club Radio,’ to the market,” says Justin Stiefel, CEO and co-Founder of Heritage Distilling Company. “In today’s culture the intersection of spirits, cocktails, beer, wine and food are rapidly mixing with business, sports, art, entertainment and life.”

“Cask Club Radio,” which Stiefel co-hosts with Lydia Cruz and producer Maura Dooley, offers listeners a mix of current events and trends in the world of adult beverages, insights on happenings in the market, interviews with key people in industry and a few surprises.

“I see ‘Cask Club Radio’ as an exciting new platform that melds all of our favorite things; local culture, food, sports, business, news and spirits” says Cruz. “More importantly, it’s an opportunity for us to share compelling stories of self-made individuals, businesses and charitable organizations from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.”

Stiefel is quick to point out that the radio show is not going to be an infomercial about Heritage Distilling Co. He says it will focus on trends “across a broad spectrum of the market and how those trends are impacting other parts of our lives collectively from the perspective of a small producer.”

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