Eastside Distilling Launches Oregon Craft Spirits Retail Concept

Eastside copy

Eastside Distilling Co. today  launched a new retail branding for its portfolio: Oregon Craft Spirits. The initial Oregon Craft Spirits branded location is at Bridgeport Village Mall, an open-air mall located in Tigard, Oregon.

Similar to Eastside’s other tasting rooms, customers at the new Oregon Craft Spirits location will enjoy samples of Eastside’s award-winning Burnside Bourbon, Portland Potato Vodka, Below Deck Rum, and Barrel Hitch American Whiskey, as well as Eastside majority owned, Big Bottom Distillery’s Ninety One Gin, Barlow Trail, and Delta Rye Whiskey. Eastside will continue to offer popular small batch seasonal products such as the Holiday Spiced Liqueur, Peppermint Bark Liqueur and Egg Nog Liqueur.

The Oregon Craft Spirits retail concept, which is legally registered as a DBA, also offers cocktail mixers from local Oregon companies and other products, such as jellies, caramels, and Secret Aardvaark hot sauces from local businesses, many of which are creating products in collaboration with Eastside.

“The opportunity for consumers to come to multiple tasting rooms to sample and purchase our craft spirits has proven successful for us,” says Mel Heim, executive vice president of operations and master distiller of Eastside Distilling. “The introduction of the Big Bottom craft spirit portfolio gave us the idea of creating a new branded concept, Oregon Craft Spirits, as an umbrella for our growing family of over 20 craft spirits. Initial consumer reaction has been positive and extremely welcoming to the local focus.”


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