Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries Launches BLY Silver Rum 105

BLYPennsylvania Pure Distilleries, distiller of  Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka and BLY Silver Rum, has announced the launch of its newest spirit BLY Silver Rum 105. The new spirit will roll out nationally over the next few months and is currently available at the distillery store.

“I wanted to elevate our BLY Silver Rum, and took inspiration from historical navy strength rum,” says Barry Young, co-founder and master distiller of Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries. “While navy strength rum was typically a 114 proof dark rum, BLY 105 is a clear spirit created by using the same recipe as our 80 proof rum, but diluted with less water which creates a spirit with about 30 percent more alcohol. This creates more flavor and mouth feel”.

bly2BLY Silver Rum 105 is distilled with locally sourced supreme baking molasses from the countryside of Pennsylvania. The molasses was chosen due to its high quality, and to impart more flavor than processed sugar or sugar cane used in most rums. The flavor profiles of this spirit contain notes of butterscotch and vanilla, giving it a clean finish. Similar to its counterpart, BLY Silver Rum, BLY 105 is distilled in single batches. The molasses is gently stirred, heated but not cooked and never rushed to prevent scorching and a burnt tasting spirit.

“As with BLY Siler Rum, our process with 105 remains unconventional, but the added proof allows the spirits to be used in the same proportions,” says Young. “So, if a cocktail calls for 1 ounce of 80 proof you can still use 1 ounce of 105 to create a cocktail with a more intense rum flavor since the proof is higher and the flavors are more intense.”

The distillery is now open to the public on Saturdays only.

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