Original all-malt Bols Genever is coming to the United States

BolsmaltSome exciting news from Lucas Bols. Folks who’ve read my work will know that I’m quickly becoming quite the genever geek, so this pleases me immensely! But I’d better not get too excited because it’s only in six markets and there will only be 200 cases available. 

Lucas Bols announced that for the first time its original-recipe, 100% Malt Spirit expression will be available in select U.S. markets beginning Feb. 1.

Just 200 cases of 750ml bottles of Bols 100% Malt Spirit will ship to New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Colorado and Texas. Suggested retail price is $69.99. The product is bottled at 47% ABV.

Bols 100% Malt Spirit is made using the original recipe that the brand’s distillers bottled more than 350 years ago as a medicinal product rather than a recreational one. Bols 100% Malt Spirit is distilled from long fermented corn, rye, and wheat with juniper berries. This combination delivers a balance of malty smoothness and complexity on the palate with grainy, grassy notes and sweet honey as well as undertones of green apple and fresh citrus.

“As a Dutchman and master distiller for over 30 years, few would be surprised to learn that I’m a bit of a purist,” says Lucas Bols master distiller, Piet van Leijenhorst. “Bols 100% Malt Spirit is one of my favorite expressions. I love it for its remarkable complexity and richness. For collectors and purists like me who like to taste real genever the way the first distillers of the spirit intended, this special edition tells the story of genever from the very beginning. After trying it straight, we encourage people to experiment with Bols 100% Malt Spirit in cocktails.”

 Bols 100% Malt Spirit is crafted and bottled in gold-crested clay jugs at the Lucas Bols distillery in the heart of Amsterdam.

“Pioneering is at the heart of Bols and dates back to the creation of Bols Genever in 1664,” says Lucas Bols CEO Huub van Doorne. “By launching the most original of genevers, we take genever back to before the birth of cocktails giving bartenders and consumers an original taste of this exciting spirit.”

 Bols 100% Malt Spirit is the third Bols genever expression available in the U.S. Also available are:

  • Bols Genever 1820: The classic cocktail spirit from the 19th century which stood at the beginning of the cocktail revolution. Perfect for classic cocktails such as the Improved Holland Gin Cocktail or modern inventions like the Red Light Negroni.
  • Bols Genever Barrel Aged: The classic 19th century Bols Genever aged in Limousin Oak casks for two years. Perfect to sip neat or use as the base for an Old Fashioned.

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