Montanya Distillers Rums Now Available in France

V&B, a high-end curated boutique that sells spirits, wine, and beer, now sells rums from Crested Butte, Colorado-based Montanya Distillersin 180 of its locations. Montanya’s Oro and Platino rums are both available in V&B’s 150 stores and its 30 tasting bars as part of V&B’s “Born to Be Craft” portfolio. The rums are shipped in bulk to Spain where they are bottled and then shipped on to France, helping to make the overseas partnership a business and environmental success. (Learn more about the Spain partnership here.)

According to Mintel, which tracks and analyzes new CPG products, more than half of consumers in France find craft distillers more appealing than larger brands. This demand stems from excitement for authentic, less processed, and more distinctive spirits. 

“Montanya is an ideal fit for what the market craves in France, and much of the EU, right now,” remarked Karen Hoskin, co-owner and co-founder of Montanya Distillers. “V&B really sets an international trend with how they approach beer, wine, and spirits, so we’re honored to partner with them. They take a really unique, millennial-style approach. Instead of paying for something you’ve never tasted, they’ve set up tasting bars focused on exposing consumers to new things. It’s a totally different and exciting experience than what we often find in the U.S.” 

At V&B, tastings are held around large tables to encourage conversations and connections, you won’t find tables and chairs. They also host tasting workshops, parties, concerts, and sports rebroadcasts.

Montanya Distillers is one of only a few American craft spirits sold at V&B, thanks in part to Montanya’s simple ingredients, which includes non-GMO sugar cane, mountain spring water, and yeast; nothing artificial. Montanya’s fresh approach to rum also helps. Montanya’s style of rum is generally lighter, drier, less funky, and more oak forward than many pot-distilled rums.

Next up for Montanya, distribution into the UK, which Montanya slates for later this year.

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