Women’s Distillery Guild joins forces with Women of the Vine & Spirits

womendistilleryguildThe Women’s Distillery Guild (WDG) and Women of the Vine & Spirits (WOTVS) have announced they will formally join forces to maximize resources and bring their niche interests together to accomplish a shared vision. By coming together, instead of competing against one another, the two organizations have a unified mission to help women thrive in the alcohol beverage industry and to amplify their voice. Both organizations felt it made sense to capitalize on strength in numbers. 

“I have long been vocal about the importance of collaboration over competition,” noted Karen Hoskin, founder of Montanya Distillers and founding member and President of the Women’s Distillery Guild. “I was unaware of Women of the Vine & Spirits when Women’s Distillery Guild began. Very quickly, the industry began to connect us. Since then, it has been so gratifying to learn how we can be stronger together.”

Under the new partnership, the WDG will dissolve as an external nonprofit and will become a subgroup, and full members, of WOTVS. This subgroup will specifically focus on craft distilleries and craft spirits.

“This is a true testament to women coming together and collaborating for the greater good of the cause. I am pleased to have the WDG board members as committee chairs of the subgroup to continue the great work they have started and to tap into our resources, global network, platform, tools and more,” said Deborah Brenner, founder & CEO, Women of the Vine & Spirits.

With the WDG now part of WOTVS, the members will continue to dedicate time to what both organizations have always focused on: mentorship, training, support, empowerment, and advocacy for women in the alcohol beverage industry. This will include the following for craft women distillery owners, distillers, and staff:

  • Scholarships through the Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation;
  • Webinars;
  • Global Symposium;
  • Career pathing;
  • Entrepreneurship education;
  • Diversity and inclusion advocacy.

Another sign of the rising voice of women across all industry sectors is that WOTVS will soon launch its “Women Owned & Certified Program”, which will serve as a pathway to supplier diversity programs. Also, recently BevMo!, an alcohol beverage retailer, has joined as a Gold Corporate Member to help advance women in the industry and support its employees.

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