Tattersall Distilling launches ‘almost ready-to-drink’ cocktail

Images of Tattersall in Minneapolis. All photos taken by Melissa Hesse and Eliesa Johnson of The Restaurant Project.

Tattersall Distilling, the award-winning Twin Cities craft distillery, announced the upcoming launch of its newest product: Bootlegger, an almost ready-to-drink bottled cocktail. 

Hitting shelves this month, Bootlegger is distilled with a blend of lemon, lime, mint and Tattersall Vodka—offering a balance of clean and crisp, sweet and tart. An easy and refreshing cocktail for the boat or the golf course, just add sparkling water to the Bootlegger and mix to desired strength.

“We made Tattersall Bootlegger to give people a taste of summer,” says Dan Oskey, founder and chief operator of Tattersall Distilling.
 “Our recipe is based on the iconic Midwestern cocktail, made with vodka, muddled mint, lemon and lime. We wanted to keep it simple for the at-home bartender or professional, so all you need to do is add soda water and you’re good to go.

It’s the perfect drink for your backyard patio or boating on the lake.” Tattersall’s Bootlegger will be sold for $29.99 in a 750ml bottle and will be available for purchase in select retailers and online via France44.com. Synonymous with summer in the Midwest, the Bootleg cocktail is often referred to as the ‘official cocktail of Minnesota,’ made popular first during the Prohibition era. 

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