Cool Upcoming Online Event: World Food Travel Summit

Received a heads-up from the World Food Travel Association about its upcoming Online Food Travel Summit. Seems like a cool event for the culinary travel industry and it’s pretty affordable….

worldfoodtravel copyToday the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), the world’s leading authority on food and drink tourism, announced the world’s first 100%Online Food Travel Summit.  Eight individual sessions from 8 world-class speakers spread conveniently over 2 days: Thursday, April 9 and Friday, April 10, 2015.

Budgets are constrained for many of us these days, and taking a week off to attend a conference is not always an option. An online summit is the perfect opportunity to share quality food tourism knowledge with trade and media professionals in the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry. And because no travel is involved, the Summit is 100% carbon-free.

Recognizing that budgets are slim for many in our industry, the Association is offering registration at only US$10 per session – an unheard of price of admission for this level of quality. Sessions are delivered in an online webinar format.


Eight truly world-class speakers and thought leaders in their industries are coming together for this very special event:

Case Study: Indonesia as an Emerging Foodie Destination

Amanda Niode, Executive Director

Omar Niode Foundation

Jakarta, Indonesia

Wrapping it for Take-Away: Lessons Learned

Adnan Nawaz, News Presenter

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

London, United Kingdom

Do This Not That: Crafting a Foodie Destination

Margaret Jeffares, Executive Director

Good Food Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Peer to Peer Dining: It’s All the Rage

Evelyne White, Founder and CEO

New York, NY, USA and Brussels, Belgium

Wellness & Food: Peaceful Partners

Camille Hoheb, Founder

Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW)

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Getting Started as a Food/Drink Tour Operator

Shane Kost, Founder

Food Tour Pros

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Reinventing Specialty Food & Drink Sales & Marketing

Preston Zeller, Chief Marketing Officer

Vancouver, WA, USA

Sustainability in Food Tourism

Erik Wolf, Executive Director

World Food Travel Association

Portland, Oregon, USA


Food and drink consumption is the #1 traveler activity. One hundred percent (100%) of travelers eat and drink. Visitors can return home with memories of a chain coffee and hamburger, or they can return sharing stories of unique and memorable local delicacies like authentic brioche in France, strawberry juice in Brazil, or sumac in Jordan, just to name a few examples.

Food and drink tourism is much more than visiting restaurants and wineries. In total, 20 different sectors of the food, drink, travel and hospitality industries are represented. Just a few more examples of other activities in which food travelers engage include:

  • Visiting local or gourmet grocery stores to browse and purchase food souvenirs
  • Tour of brewery, distillery or winery and/or meet the brewer/distiller/winemaker
  • Cooking classes featuring local cuisine
  • Visits to farms and food/drink factories
  • Attend food or drink-themed events
  • Sharing pictures and videos of food-centric activities with friends and family
  • Use of multiple dining smartphone apps and hard-to-find websites to dig deep to uncover locals-only foodie secrets
  • Walking or multi-day escorted tours of cities and regions featuring culinary highlights

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