Back from GABF

NAGBWawardSo this turned out to be one of the better Great American Beer Festivals for me personally. I won 1st place in the Beer & Food AABlogo copycategory in the 2015 North American Guild of Beer Writers (NAGBW) awards for my article, “Feeding Frenzy,” in All About Beer Magazine. It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized, especially in the company of so many highly accomplished fellow winners. I don’t usually win stuff, so this pretty much made my year.

Read the article that won here.

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  1. I’d love to hear whether any of these beers were to your liking. Frankly, none of these brews sounded appetizing! The only flavors I think enhance a brew are 1) chocolate 2) coffee 3) cherry and the only place they belong is in a stout. What do you think?


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