Holiday Book Market at Brooklyn Brewery 12/15

Jeff Cioletti here… I am thrilled to be part of this event, even though I don’t have a book coming out until some time next year. Still, I’ll be selling DVDs of my film, Beerituality, and possibly signing them if you need my signature for identity theft purposes and such.

But forget about me. You really want to head to Brooklyn Brewery (79 N. 11th St. in Williamsburg) to buy books from and hang with the likes of Brooklyn’s Steve Hindy (author of “The Craft Beer Revolution”) and Garrett Oliver (“The Oxford Companion to Beer”), Shmaltz Brewing Co.‘s Jeremy Cowan (“Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah”), Lew Bryson (“Tasting Whiskey”), All About Beer editor John Holl (“The American Craft Beer Cookbook”), Beer Union‘s Sarah & Giancarlo Annese (“Beer Lover’s New York”) and Beer Advocate‘s Ben Keene (“The Great Northeast Brewery Tour”).

Twenty bucks gets you open bar for the evening. Hope to see you there.



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