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Book-Market-V3 The Holiday Book Market at Brooklyn Brewery is just six days away. If you buy your tickets today, you’ll get $5 off the already low ticket price for the two and a half hour open bar. So for TODAY ONLY, each ticket costs only $15. For 2.5 of BEER! Buy today….The ticket price reverts to $20 tomorrow.

Use promo code DRINKNY.

Purchase tickets here.

Holiday Book Market at Brooklyn Brewery 12/15

Jeff Cioletti here… I am thrilled to be part of this event, even though I don’t have a book coming out until some time next year. Still, I’ll be selling DVDs of my film, Beerituality, and possibly signing them if you need my signature for identity theft purposes and such.

But forget about me. You really want to head to Brooklyn Brewery (79 N. 11th St. in Williamsburg) to buy books from and hang with the likes of Brooklyn’s Steve Hindy (author of “The Craft Beer Revolution”) and Garrett Oliver (“The Oxford Companion to Beer”), Shmaltz Brewing Co.‘s Jeremy Cowan (“Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah”), Lew Bryson (“Tasting Whiskey”), All About Beer editor John Holl (“The American Craft Beer Cookbook”), Beer Union‘s Sarah & Giancarlo Annese (“Beer Lover’s New York”) and Beer Advocate‘s Ben Keene (“The Great Northeast Brewery Tour”).

Twenty bucks gets you open bar for the evening. Hope to see you there. Read the rest of this entry

Bitter in New York

I love a good Old Fashioned. Mainly because I love good bourbon. (And I want to taste the bourbon, so don’t you dare put any club soda in it. But I digress). But the one ingredient that’s often taken for granted is the bitters—without which, an Old Fashioned wouldn’t be an Old Fashioned. You’ll never take it for granted again once you’ve tried the artisanal bitters produced by Brooklyn-founded (and now operating in Long Island City, Queens) Hella Bitter. A couple of weeks ago, the founders were generous enough to let me peek behind the curtain at their humble little production site and I’ve got video footage to prove it.

NYC: Brews & Brine

I can’t belijacobs2eve Jacob’s Pickles has been around for about a year and I only just made it there for the first time last night—especially considering pickles and beer are two of my desert-island treats. And it still wouldn’t have been on my radar had it not been for the generous invite from the Jacob’s PR/Marketing team to a sour beer/pickle pairing dinner. And when I heard the name Jacob’s Pickles, I just pictured a storefront with a guy in a stained apron next to a giant barrel. But not this is a full-on sit-down restaurant complete with exposed-brick and all the usual acoutrements that shout, “Come hither, foodie!”

We had an eight-course menu, each paired with a specific beer somewhere on the sour spectrum.