The Truck Stops Here

I love Portland, Oregon. I make absolutely no secret of it. I’ve been there a handful of times and I’m pretty much making it one of my annual destinations. But I’ve always been hesitant to actually write about it. I mean, how can I, really? Entire blogs, podcast series and libraries of books are dedicated to the Portland drinking scene. So I’m never going to do it justice. If I were to publish a list of my favorite spots there, chances are you would have read about each and every one of those places in the writings of those far better-versed in the Pacific Northwestern beer mecca than I.

But there’s one place I will write about and I don’t care how many others may have told you about it.

Portland’s not only known for having the most breweries per capita of any single U.S. city, it very likely claims that crown for the number of food trucks as well. (I don’t know, it could be a toss-up with Austin, but just humor me for a moment). So, when there’s a business that combines those two Portlandian aspects into a single operation, you’d be a fool not to visit it.porches

I’m talking about Captured by Porches, an effort that began as a home brew club (they met on a member’s porch), turned pro about a decade ago and ultimately started selling its brews on a converted short bus in food truck parks. Captured by Porches has an actual brick-and-mortar brewery where the stuff’s made—you didn’t really think they brewed, fermented and kegged in the confines of a small truck, did you? But it’s best enjoyed at a picnic table, accompanied by a gourmet grilled cheese or spicy Mexican bowl from one of Porches’ lot mates after being poured from a tap on the side of the truck. Depending on the season and whatever the brewery hasn’t run out of, you’re lucky to find an IPA, an Alt bier a hefe and/or a porter. The site’s usually got four taps running at a time.

It’s really about as Portland as Portland gets. To find the truck, head over here.

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