Jeff Cioletti, Editor


Jeff Cioletti’s tenure in liquid literacy has exposed him to some of the best libations the world has to offer and given him access to the producers and purveyors of such fine refreshments. He combines his love of drink with a passion for travel and one usually involves the other. He served for fourteen years as an editor at Beverage World magazine, including eight years as editor in chief of the publication. He’s also the author of the books “The Year of Drinking Adventurously,” “Beer FAQ” and the upcoming “The Drinkable Globe.”

Jeff is the founder of beverage travel video site, The Drinkable Globe ( and a frequent contributor to publications including Draft MagazineAll About Beer Magazine, FSR and Beverage Media. Additionally, he’s a Certified Sake Adviser and the winner of two North American Guild of Beer Writers awards.

He’s also filmmaker; He wrote, produced and co-directed the feature film, “Beerituality,” a comedy set in the world of craft beer. The DVD is available for purchase  at Storenvy and can be streamed and downloaded at

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