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Malt, Motorways & Madness

Tomatin There’s no other way to explore a place whose culture is so intertwined with fine beverages than through a glass. That’s especially true of Scotland from both a whisky and beer standpoint.

For me, a trip is a complete failure if it’s so over-planned that I don’t actually learn anything during the journey. I’d rather be surprised, in a good way or even in a bad way. It’s all a part of the experience. Luckily, there were unexpected twists and turns as I traversed the Highlands and the Lowlands in search of a really good drink. I returned to the states a bit wiser having learned…

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Izakaya Redux

Sometimes my writing gets published in other places. I’m very proud to have a story in the current issue of Draft magazine. And I’m over the moon by the fact that it’s on one of my passion subjects, Izakayas. The piece is specific to the Japanese bars in New York City, so if you live there or are planning a visit, check out my piece, Izakaya Underground